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RNT Small Batch Call #26

You know the old saying about one should never ASSUME anything, and you should always read EVERYTHING? This is one of those times. It seemed like a good idea to offer something different and unique using a duck feather in a call. At first glance of the CFR section 20.91 “Any person may possess, purchase, sell, barter, or transport for the making of”… So If you were in a hurry and only read a part of that, you would not think there was an issue with putting a duck feather in a duck call. However, upon further review of section 20.91, subpart (a) “No person shall purchase, sell, barter, or offer to purchase, sell, or barter for millinery or ornamental use the feathers of migratory game birds taken under authority of this part;”

While it seems slightly gray to us the difference between putting a feather on a fishing lure or in a pillow versus putting one in or on a duck call, we have decided to put on hold this week's Small Batch idea for another time. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. That said, we will table this idea for another possible time as it states in the CFR section 21.27…

(a)Permit requirement. A special purpose permit is required before any person may lawfully take, salvage, otherwise acquire, transport, or possess migratory birds, their parts, nests, or eggs for any purpose not covered by the standard form permits of this part. In addition, a special purpose permit is required before any person may sell, purchase, or barter captive-bred, migratory game birds, other than waterfowl, that are marked in compliance with § 21.13(b) of this part.

We realize we put the cart on the wrong end of the horse on this deal. So as we research the possibilities of doing this in the future.

Thank you for your patience. Looks like April Fools on us!

RNT Small Batch Call #26
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