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Our Story

Simple. Versatile. Dependable. It started over 45 years ago. One man. One duck call. One philosophy. One way of life.

It has built our company, our reputation, and our products. It has introduced our children to waterfowling, it has given us a sense of comradery, a family, and a feeling of being a part of something. It has built a product that has stood the test of time and has stayed true to the sport. It is what it is. Solid. Strong. Permanent. Every bit as permanent as being the leader of World Championship titles. Every bit as permanent as our industry leading innovation and design. Every bit as permanent as water is wet. And every bit as permanent as our commitment to producing the meanest sounding, best performing, most realistic, duck calls on the planet. Our reputation calls for it. Simple. Versatile. Dependable. Forever. For these are the foundations of our company.

In 1976, Butch Richenback, 1972 World Champion and 1975 Champion of Champions duck caller, began whittling on a block of wood that he later shaped into his first duck call that established the foundations for Rich-N-Tone Duck Calls. He wanted a call that was simple in design, as well as simple for the average caller to operate. A call that would be versatile in sound, that would do it all, from ringing hail calls, nasty bottom-end duck, to soft, up-close calling. A call that was dependable, and would perform day in and day out flawlessly, under the most extreme hunting conditions. And above all else, he wanted the call to have Duck. After all, the bottom line was to produce the most realistic duck call that anyone had ever placed to his or her lips. And he did just that. These principles have been the driving force behind our call’s success, both in the field, and on the World Championship stage.

Keeping the same values we established thirty years ago, we continue to grow, look forward, and make changes in the never-ending search for a more perfect sounding and more perfect performing, duck call. We spend countless hours researching, designing, manufacturing, and testing new calls through new and different materials as well as new and innovative manufacturing techniques. So that we can continue to design, build, and bring to you, the best possible duck calling machine available. And we will never change that. Period.

To you who are already members of the RNT family, and continue to grow the RNT legacy, we would like to thank you for 40-plus years of support. For you that have not yet made the RNT purchase, read through the entire website. Learn about our calls, our company, and our way of life.

It’s not just about the call, but the company, the experience.  The decision is left in your hands. It’s your call.