Some customers tune their calls themselves, but quite a few prefer that we do it for them. This video might help, if you'd like to try tuning your call yourself.

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Warranty Policy

Broken or cracked calls sent in with damaged part are replaced for no charge. The only cost will be the return shipping fee (calculated at checkout). This is an effective lifetime warranty that follows the call, not the owner.

This includes:

-All broken parts (dropped, tuning mishaps, unexplained occurrence, etc…)

-Cracked wooden barrels

-Calls that need a tune up

-Any damage or situation not listed above so long as the damaged part is returned during the process.


  If a customer wants to retain the broken part, it will cost $45.00 (any model) plus shipping. (Proof of broken part must be provided).

This includes:

-Retaining parts because of sentimental value

-Retaining parts for originality (Ex: Customers wanting to keep real scroll inserts, signed inserts, or jigged inserts)

-Retaining parts for any other reasoning not listed above.


Lost parts will remain half the cost of the call model + shipping cost. (If a broken part is not provided it is considered lost.)

($115) Microhen and Macrohen $68.45

($125) Microgoose SS $73.95

($150) Original, Specklebelly, Old Style, and Short Barrel $78.45

($150) Mondo, Mondo LT, Alpha 2, Diablo, and Timber $80.95

($150) Daisy Cutter and DS Diablo $83.45

($155) MVP, G3, G4, G5, Barbelly $88.45

If the call is no longer produced, cost will be based on $140.