Some customers tune their calls themselves, but quite a few prefer that we do it for them. This video might help, if you'd like to try tuning your call yourself.

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Warranty Policy

Broken or cracked calls sent in with damaged part are replaced for no charge. The only cost will be the return shipping fee of $10.95. This is an effective lifetime warranty that follows the call, not the owner.

This includes:

-All broken parts (dropped, tuning mishaps, unexplained occurrence, etc…)

-Cracked wooden barrels

-Calls that need a tune up

-Any damage or situation not listed above so long as the damaged part is returned during the process.


  If a customer wants to retain the broken part, it will cost $45.00 (any model) plus shipping of $10.95 (Proof of broken part must be provided). Total cost will be $55.95.

This includes:

-Retaining parts because of sentimental value

-Retaining parts for originality (Ex: Customers wanting to keep real scroll inserts, signed inserts, or jigged inserts)

-Retaining parts for any other reasoning not listed above.


Lost parts will remain half the cost of the call model + shipping cost of $10.95. (If a broken part is not provided it is considered lost.)

($115) Microhen and Macrohen $68.45

($125) Microgoose SS $73.95

($150) Original, Specklebelly, Old Style, and Short Barrel $78.45

($150) Mondo, Mondo LT, Alpha 2, Diablo, and Timber $80.95

($150) Daisy Cutter and DS Diablo $83.45

($155) MVP, G3, G4, G5, Barbelly $88.45

If the call is no longer produced, cost will be based on $140.