Flying Duck Taproom

Our Story

At RNT Calls we want to give our customers more than just a place to buy duck calls because we are more than a manufacturing facility. We are a destination where you can watch the process of building the worlds leading waterfowl calls, merge precision technology with classic call-making craftsmanship to create a timeless work of art that can only be produced here in the “Duck Capital of the World.” Work with our Custom Call Shop on designing that one of a kind personal custom call. Shop our new retail space for unique call related items, apparel, headwear, and artisan crafted goods. Expand your appreciation and education of waterfowling artifacts through our rotating museum-quality displays. All of this can be done under one roof while enjoying the most exceptional craft beer our state has to offer.

The Flying Duck is the only taproom of its kind, totally dedicated to the history and the craft of the American duck and goose call. The idea for our new space was founded by a  group of collectors and call-makers that want to raise a higher awareness of the history and the craft of the great call makers of the past. The hobby of collecting vintage calls, as a whole, has experienced a dwindling number in young collectors. The Flying Duck hopes to spark the interest of this younger group, through its extensive call collection, call-maker information, rotating exhibits, seminars, and knowledgeable curators. It is up to us as waterfowl enthusiasts to pass these precious artifacts and their history along to the next generation, so that the legacy of the American duck call will forever perpetuate.