Unclaimed and unpaid custom calls, vintage calls, blemished calls, bundles of merchandise like t-shirts, hats, prints, and more, you never know what we’re going to put up for auction.

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Be sure to read and understand.

Important things to know:

By participating in the RNT Online Auction, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and accept these rules. RNT Calls Inc reserves the right to update and change these rules from time to time.

Starting and ending time is determined by the website clock. Bids will be accepted during this time period only. RNT Calls Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without notice, to extend, terminate or modify the online auction in the event of unforeseen technical difficulties that alter the proper functioning of the auction.

Bids may be placed online 24 hours per day at the online auction website page, between the auction start date and time and the auction end date and time.

The RNT online auction operates under a proxy bidding system. Under proxy bidding, you submit the maximum amount you are willing to bid for an item. This is your Maximum Secret Bid and is known only by you and the RNT Auction administration. You should be sure of your Maximum Secret Bid prior to submission. The Maximum Secret Bid that you submit may not necessarily be the price you pay if you are the successful bidder - you may pay less, but never more. However, choose your maximum carefully, as you will be legally bound to pay up to that price (plus any applicable taxes) if it is the final highest bid.

The auction winner has a window of three days to pay. If the balance has not been paid in full within this allotted time frame, the next highest bidder will be declared the winner of the item. If you are the winner of an auction, details will remain visible, in your account, for 90 days after the auction has ended and paid in full.

Taxes will be calculated based on the winning bid. The winner is required to pay sales taxes.

Popcorn bidding is enabled on RNT online auctions.

Popcorn bidding occurs when the end time of the auction is approaching. You’ll notice popcorn bidding when several minutes are added to the clock if bids are placed near the end. This will give a brief window to allow you to add a few dollars to your total bid amount. There are a limited, undefined number of these time blocks added during the popcorn bidding window.

Auctions may be listed for up to 20 days prior to their live date. They will be listed under the upcoming auction tab.

Happy Bidding!