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Currently On Tap

Peregrine - 6.0%

A citrus forward American Pale Ale.

Flying Duck - 4.9%

This beautiful amber has aromas of caramel malts. It's drinkable with balanced hops that make it perfect for duck camp.

Bluewing - 4.9%

An American wheat beer with blueberries added after fermentation. The fruit flies out of the glass to greet you and then balances sweet and tart.

Free Range - 5.9%

Set your taste buds free. The inviting deep mahogany hue, earthy hop profile and roasty-toasty character of our specialty malts mingle openly with the subtle aromas of cocoa and caramel. This big, beautiful, homegrown American brown roams freely with a wide range of food pairings.

Honeybird Blonde Ale - 4.9%

Honeybird Blonde Ale is brewed with Natural Arkansas Honey. An Easy Drinker with a Crisp Finish that is sure to please a plethora of Beer Drinkers. This BEER-OF-HONEY is one TOTALLY-TASTY-BREW!!! Let the Honeybird guide you...

Low Flock IPA - 6%

A recent addition to the BJCP style guidelines, our juicy IPA is extremely pungent with flavors and aromas of mandarin, mango, apricot, and pineapple. While this beer is hoppy, it’s bitterness is extremely subdued.

Rotating Drafts

Red Velvet Ale - 7.0%

Fashioned from an old family red velvet cake recipe, this imperial red ale is brewed with deep caramel and chocolate malts. Izard Chocolate Cacao nibs and Madagascar vanilla bean partner with the malt base to deliver a tasty cake finish. Welcome in the spring picnic season with the flavor of red velvet.

Big Buck Ale - 5.5%

Cream Ale

Peregrine - 6.0%

A citrus forward American Pale Ale.

Migrate - 5.1%

Migrate is a simple, clean and classic American Pale Ale that takes a beeline to quench your thirst. Gather with your friends and navigate the satisfyingly dry, yet utterly refreshing finish of our most drinkable beer.

Old Glass Eye - 6.0%

Don’t be fooled. This dark ale is a light-bodied yet strong beauty that’s been aged on toasted oak. Answer the call of the subtle hints of charred wood deliberately set in your path just to lure you in. A good decoy can be ruined by a poor set of eyes, the Glass Eye is here to restore the good name of this oak ale we are proud to serve 

Ruby Throated Raspberry Tart Ale - 3.4%

A collaboration with homebrewer Danny Hernandez, winner of the Central Arkansas Fermenters’ wheat beer contest. Ruby Throated pours a rose hue, is made using 100% real fruit. The citrus forward acidity from kettle souring with lactobacillus mixed with the subtle pungency of the raspberries created an extremely thirst-quenching summer beer.

Tropical DIPA - 8.1%

Don’t let the look of this beer deceive you, it’s a crystal clear, 8.1% ABV, powerhouse of flavor. The gentle sweet bouquet is your first hint of the tropical flavors you’ll get when you take a sip! El Dorado, Amarillo, and Simcoe hops produce flavors of pear, papaya, orange, and melon. Tropical Double India Pale Ale is bright, flavorful, and shines like the sun.

Early Bird IPA - 6.5%

One of the first beers we ever attempted – and perfected over time – Early Bird is sure to catch your attention. Unmistakable Centennial hops, uniquely balanced with a malty backbone, create an IPA that anyone can love. It’s never too late to go Early.

Key Lime Gose - 4.6%

Slightly sweet, sour and salty with a touch of coolwhip.

Timber Radler - 4.7%

Berry Basket Lemon Shandy - 4.9%

Pintail IPA - 6.0%

Octoberfest - 6.0%