Mondo 2B - New

Mondo 2B - New

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The Mondo 2B is a Cut-Down style call designed in the J. Stephens Call Shop. John has always liked the qualities of a “Cut-Down” style call but at first, struggled to operate this style of call. Most cut-downs took a lot of air to operate and didn’t have enough built-in backpressure for his style of calling, so he set out to make a call that had more backpressure and hold. John has always preferred his hunting calls to have a deeper and raspier tone than most typical calls, providing the ability to get soft on the low end, still able to bark and push the call on the top when needed. This is how the J. Stephens Axe was born. “ Where we hunt, which is mostly reservoirs at 2 Bayous, the ducks already know where they are going. So I like to have a call that can produce soft clucks, chatter, and ultra-realistic quacks. At the same time, I did not want to lose the ability to break high ducks on migration days with a loud, powerful bark. I lengthened the distance from the cork slot to the end of the stopper, creating more backpressure while lengthening its drill hole and backbore and increasing the diameter in the final bore. This gave me exactly the “Cut Down” style call that fit my style of calling and met my hunting needs”-John Stephens. The Mondo 2B, is RNT’s version of the J.Stephens Axe. Super raspy, deep tone, ultra-realistic quacks, soft clucks, with plenty of punch on top.

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