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RNT Small Batch Call #22 (MONDO MANIA MADNESS)

Here’s a look at the November Small Batch Call release, part of our Mondo Mania Madness - It’s What We Boo 2!. Small Batch No. 22 is a Mondo in ivory acrylic, hand wrapped with a soft ivory colored leather suede lace. The wrap covers the “Mumdo Mondo Monster” face engraved and painted black. In true Trick-or-Treat style… there will be 25 of these available tomorrow at RANDOM TIMES between the hours of 7am -11am on our website under "Small Batch Calls". Only available online and will remain on our site until they sell out. RANDOM TIMES meaning, 4 or 5 release times/quanities within the 7am-11am window until they are all sold out. $175.00

Trick? Or Treat? Good luck! And thanks for playing along with our Halloween fun. Maybe we’ll do it again next year?

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RNT Small Batch Call #22 (MONDO MANIA MADNESS)
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